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C-FAR Services LLC| Phone: 609-233-5215 | Fax: 609-390-8647 | Engineering / IT / Data Communications and Quality Services  

C-FarServices has recently obtained the services of Mr. Mike Baklycki, an electrical engineer, to manage the facilities contract.  He has over 20 years in Project Management, Asset Deployment; IT configuration Management; Earned Value Management, Risk Management, and business processes.  Additionally he is the manager/focal point for our area lighting projects for the FAA.   The C-FarServices management team fully understands project management, importance of meeting schedule, cost, scope and quality criteriaC-FarServices has a number of partnerships through which  we can offer the latest in IT technology skills and engineering.  C-Far also supports the FAA NEXTGEN program and recently won a recomplete.  C-Farservices also supports the FAA on a Center of the Operations (COG) facilities contract providing electrical engineering, mechanic engineering and inspection support.  We support the Project Management Institute (PMI) goals of quality management and providing excellent customer support.

As a fast growing company, C-FAR Services is seeking computer programmers, data communications engineers, telecommunications engineers, radio technicians, and individuals with quality skills such as ISO-9001 or CMMI.  FAA experience is a plus.   Project Leads with FAA skills are also being sought.  To explore career possibilities upload your resume to Human Resources, hr@cfarservices.com


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